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Henan Lima Machinery Manufacture CO.,LTD
Henan Lima Machinery Manufacture CO.,LTD is professional animal feed pellet machine supplier. Focus on animal feed machine and solution of poultry feed production line, Which is suitable for chicken, duck, goose,birds, cattle, pig, sheep,rabbit. Capacity from 30kg/h~5000kg/h"
Why Choose Us?
Henan Lima Feed Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has now formed a complete and diverse product series covering animal feed pellet machines and animal feed production lines, which include Grain crushing and mixing machine, an animal feed extruder machine, animal feed dryer, and cooler machine, animal feed packaging machine, etc
Till now, Lima Feed Machinery has exported to over 65 countries and regions all over the world, which include Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kolkata, India, Gujarat, Assam, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.
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Henan Lima Feed Machinery Manufacturer CO., LTD has a skilled and experienced animal feed machinery team. As an experienced animal feed machinery industry manufacturer, we offer a complete animal feed pellet making machine product lines, which include a grain crushing and mixing machine, animal feed pellet extruder machine, animal feed pellet dryer, an animal feed cooler machine, animal feed pellet packaging machine, etc. The animal feed machinery is optimally tuned to the needs of the customer.
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