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Fish feed grain mills 200-300KG/H Self-priming grain crusher

Model: LM-850
Size: 1450*900*1050mm
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380V50Hz
Capacity: 200-300kg
Machine Weight: 150kg


The small grain grinder, also known as the Self-priming grain crusher, is a
small self-priming crusher with posho mill. The tooth claw grinder is suitable
for grinding corn, beans, cereals and wheat.

Fish feed grain mills are often used as part of a production line for the
crushing and grinding of feed raw materials

The fllowing is the great operation feedback from our customer.
This is a small fish feed pellet production line, and it includes Model 60
fish feed extruder, ish feed ginder and ish feed mixer.

Features of Fish feed grain mills :
1. Small size, space saving, easy to install and fix
2. The grain machine has good adaptability and can be ground, sorghum, corn
stover, peanuts, etc.
3. Reasonable structure, compact structure and convenient maintenance.
4. The operation is simple, no need to fix the foundation, and it is
convenient for the process operation.

Self-priming grain crusher machine running principle:
The high-speed rotating sprocket rotor produces a powerful centrifugal force
that feeds the material into the crushing chamber.

The Self-Priming Crusher uses a positive pressure, high-speed rotating rotor
to generate a large centrifugal force, and the raw material is sucked into the
pulverizing chamber to be pulverized.


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